The web version of a booklet prepared for “The Real Estate Show Revisited,” an exhibition program that draws from the themes addressed in the artists' group Colab’s 1980 Real Estate Show, is attached above. The footnotes which reference web sources are hyperlinked.

The booklet, entitled "Imagine...", includes the following texts:

Excavating Real Estate
by Alan W. Moore with the artists of the Real Estate Show

The Tompkins Square Community Center
by Susan Simensky-Bietela

Christodora The Flight of a Sea Animal
by Yuri Kapralov

Yuri Kapralov, a ‘Grandfather’ of E.V. counterculture
By Sarah Ferguson

By Libertad Guerra

Looking Back – and Forth
By Alan W. Moore

The events unfolding this spring in New York City are as follows:

James Fuentes Gallery
55 Delancey Street
April 4 – April 27, 2014
artwork from the original Real Estate Show, recreations and documentation

Cuchifritos Gallery + Project Space of the Artists Alliance
April 19 – May 18
new work questioning the looming changes in the neighborhood dominated by SPURA development, presented as part of Lower East Side History Month

ABC No Rio
April 9 – May 8
new work on the theme of real estate, land-use, and the right to a safe home.