Welcome to the page of information about MWF Video Club, the video distribution and exhibition project started by Collaborative Projects members in 1986. (The MWF Video catalogue is online at www.brickhaus.com/amoore, linked above.) Today the MWF Video Club is no longer actively distributing VHS videotapes by artists. (We welcome inquiries, however, particularly from curators.) Instead we are trying to preserve our collection by migrating the material from 3/4" and VHS video to digital formats.

A description of the MWF Video Club collection.
A brief history of the MWF Video Club.

Starting in 2000, the club sought to make a comeback, running a screening series at Scott Pfaffman's gallery in the East Village. It was some fun...
Now, in 2011, nothing is happening with MWF Video Club. The collection sits in storage in Staten Island, awaiting interest so that it may be preserved by transfer to digital media.
Rust never sleeps -- and iron oxide is rust.

XFR STN at CAA Chicago 2014