FM/TRCS (1974), 16mm, color, optical sound, 11 min

“FM/TRCS is a study of image destruction and its subsequent effect on recognition and suggestion of new images. The film is a series of images and recorded sound of a woman getting dressed re-edited into short sequences and optically printed until the high contrast characteristics of the film refuses to carry the image. I attempted to combine my images with the film process carried to its extreme processes of disintegration. By using film's own process of increasing contrast in copying the image passes beyond recognition. Not merely rephotographing, but using that process which is always an increase or decrease of light through the original to the print, exaggerating this process by certain high contrast film stocks. Rephotography or duplication interests me as a natural occurrence to all film reprinted over several generations of film; it is a slow evolution of image recognition. Disintegration is one method of examining established structures similar to painters and sculptors.” – CF

Still from FM/TRCS (1974)

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